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Picote 100% Solids Epoxy is specially formulated to work in harmony with the Picote Brush Coating™ System. Both ASTM and NSF/61-5 certified. The easy lock & load cartridges work with the Picote Smart Mixer to offer a simple, mess-free solution. Improve quality control with the unique dual color system to visually verify any spots that have been missed.


The battery powered Picote Smart Mixer is intended for mixing the Picote Dual Coat 100% Solids Epoxy for the Picote Brush Coating System and it is specially calibrated for use with Picote products.

Use with the Picote Mini Miller or Maxi Miller Coating Pump to apply the resin. Take away the strain, simply fit to the pump bracket then lock & load the Smart Mixer with the dual-colour cartridges and get pumping!


The Coating Pump is easy to assemble, however please check your operating manual for the latest instructions on how to put everything together in the most efficient way.


To begin the application process the correct brushes have to be selected and added to the head of the Miller shaft. If the pipe being repaired contains bends it may be necessary to select a pair of brushes that are separated by a flexible link to ensure an even coating through the bends. An unique feature of the system is that it is possible to coat for example a 4" /DN100 pipe through a 2" / DN50 cleanout due to the flexibility of the shaft and brushes.
The resin delivery hose is then attached to the shaft just behind the brush assembly. The CCTV camera head is also taped to the assembly just behind the delivery hose to allow the operator to see the coating operation as it progresses. With all in place the Smart Mixer lock and load self-mixing cartridge system can be used to dispense the 100% Solids Epoxy resin which is then added to the delivery side of the Picote Coating Pump. The lining run is ready to commence.


It is safe for the operator to hold the Mini Miller shaft during the operation because of its thick outer casing which protects the user from the rotating shaft inside. The Coating Pump delivers the resin to the inside of the pipe and as the Mini Miller shaft rotates this in turn rotates the brushes that spread the resin over the inner pipe wall. The coating operation is started at the end of the pipe farthest from the access point. Resin is then pumped into the pipe and brushed on to the wall. The coating is then checked by pushing the brushes back to starting point and checking with the camera.

This is repeated over the length of the pipe being lined until the brush assembly reaches the access point. Subsequent layers can be coated in two to four hour intervals, unless hot air is applied to speed up the process to less than one hour between layers. Various coats are recommended depending on the pipe diameter or intended application.

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