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Originally a construction & rehabilitation company  Picote entered the trenchless market by becoming a  Coating franchisee in Finland in 2004.

In 2008 Picote's own coating method was launched. The first Picote Millers & Smart Cutters were then developed and by the following year Picote began lining small pipes inside buildings, from the roof top to the city sewer. All of Picote's tools are designed in-house and extensively tested by Picote CIPP Services in Finland before being launched to the international market.



Focusing on in-house R&D, Picote Solutions offers a growing range of unique patented and patent-pending products for the rehabilitation and renovation of small diameter drains. As a contractor ourselves, we know that durability, reliability and safety do matter at the work site, and that value for money is also a priority. That’s why at Picote we are proud of our innovative, quality products.



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